Halloween Makeup Tutorial – Devil, Demon

IMG_9136Behold it is #thrillerthursday !!! In honor of this horrifying day of the week I have created an interesting take on a devil/demon. It is not your typical look.  My favorite part of the devil are the flames that accompanying them, so I decided to bring that aspect into today’s makeup look. This look is really simple and easy and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. Don’t forget to hash tag #labellepatel and tags us in your recreations!!!



  1. Prime skin with Cargo HD Primer and apply foundation
  2. Prime eye with eyeshadow primer and apply MAC Fluidline in shade DipDown as a base on inner half on eyelid, blend to soften the edges. This will create a nice deep base to apply eyeshadows on top of. Next, apply NYX jumbo eye pencil in shade milk on outer half of lid and above brow, blend out the edges into the hairline. This will create a nice base to apply the bright eyeshadows on top of.
  3. We are going to be using the same method for the next steps. Steps 3-11 are pretty much going to be applied the same way in a pat and blend motion. You will pat the eyeshadow on and blend out the edges of the eyeshadow. Each time you add a new color you are going to overlap the previous shade and work your way outwards on the eye areas until you reach the hairline. If you get confused just refer to the pictures to help you understand. So starting with the first eyeshadow color: Apply Morphe black eyeshadow #28 on inner corner directly on top of DipDown. Blend out edges. You want to be sure to pat the shadows in first and then blend out the edges. I used a Morphe pencil brush to pat the shadow in and a TNT Cosmetics blending brush #132 to blend out the edges of the eyeshadow so that there would be no harsh lines.
  4. Take the deep red shade (3rd column, 4th row) from the 35B Morphe eyeshadow palette and apply right next to dark brown eyeshadow from previous step. Pat and blend.
  5. Going back to the Morphe 28F palette mix two red shades (2nd column, 4th row and 5th column, 4th row) and apply next to deep red shade eyeshadow from previous step. Pat and blend.
  6. Pat and blend MakeUp Forever’s powder blush in shade 99 right next to red eyeshadows from previous step.
  7. Pat and blend matte orange eyeshadow from the Morphe 28F (2nd column, 4th row) palette right next to red eyeshadow from previous step.
  8. Pat and blend orange eyeshadows from the Morphe 35B. You are going to mix two matte orange eyeshadows together (2nd column, 3rd row and 3rd column, 4th row) and apply right next to eyeshadow from previous step.
  9. Next using Morphe 35B palette apply bright matte yellow (1st column, 5th row) eyeshadow
  10. Mix the two matte yellow shades (1st column 4th row and 2nd column, 1st row) from the Morphe 28F next to eyeshadow from previous step. Be sure to pat and blend.
  11. Here is the last step of the eyeshadow application, well on the lids of the eyes that is . take the matte white shade (1st column, 1st row) from Morphe 28F; pat and blend this shadow right next to the shadadows from the previous step. At this point you should be right into the hairline.
  12. Apply your undereye concealer and set your undereye area as well as the rest of your face with a face powder of your choice. I used MAC Pro Longwear concealer in shade NC42 and Benefit Cosmetics Hello Flawless in shade Amber.
  13. Use the NYC liquid eyeliner to create flames on the eyelid.
  14. Go every each flame with Inglot gel eyeliner in shade #79 to add some more depth to the flames.
  15. Use the same gel eyeliner and liner the inner part of lower lashline
  16. Smudge liner with red eyeshadow (3rd column, 4th row) from Morphe 35B palette
  17. Take Morphe black eyeshadow in #28 and smudge on the inner corner of eye area.
  18. Create a sharp contour on the cheeks by placing a business card or credit card on the hollows of your cheeks. Next take MakeUp Forever powder blush in #99 and apply it as if you were applying blush right on top of the card blending it up to your cheek bones.
  19. Apply two layers of the blush and remove the card. Now you have a nice clean line.
  20. Take a little bit of Morphe eyeshadow in shade #28 and apply to the very top of blush. Starting from the hairline and working your way down to blend the shades together and create a more dramatic effect.
  21. Apply your DiorShow mascara in black to top and bottom lashes. Also apply your favorite lashes. I used lashes in #28.
  22. I wanted to create a ombre lip for this look. I achieve this by apply MAC Ravishing lipstick on center of lips.
  23. Next to Ravishing I applied MAC Dangerous lipstick. I didn’t really blend to colors together; I just overlap each lipstick over the previous color.
  24. Next to Dangerous I applied MAC Deeply Adore from the Marilyn Monroe limited addition collection.
  25. I then lined my lips with MAC lipliner in Currant.
  26. I relined my lips with a black pencil eyeliner.
  27. I went back over my lip line with the Currant lipliner again and blend the colors together by lightly pressing lips together.

* I know this tutorial was a bit repetitive but it was so easy. Now there is really no excuse for an amazing out of the box Halloween costume.

* I used the ModiFace app to change the color of my eyes. This app is great if you are debating on whether or not to buy contacts. They have many different eye colors to choose from.





Be Healthy, Be Gorgeous

Sunita Patel

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