Halloween Makeup Tutorial – Fairy


Rise and Shine my beautiful sparkly gems!!! Be hold it is #magicalmonday. You know what that means!!! It’s FAIRY TUTORIAL TIME… Feel free to change the colors of this look to your own personal taste. The colors I chose consisted of my favorite colors. You can definitely incorporate the colors of your costume into this look. That’s the magic of makeup! You can use the same steps but just use different colors. Suggested color combinations include: blue and green, blue and purple, blue and pink, orange and yellow, etc. The options are endless! Don’t forget to pack your pixi dust! Lets get started!


  1. Start by applying your primer and foundation: For this look I use my Cover FX Total Cover Cream Foundation in shade G70 and used my Real Techniques Expert Face Brush to apply. I mixed my foundation with Chanel Soleil Tan De Chanel sheer illuminating liquid to give an all over glow to the face.
  2. Apply MAC Prep and Prime Highlighter in shade Radiant Rose under the eye area in a triangle and blend using a flat foundation brush using a patting motion. This highlighter dries fairly quickly so I like to do one eye at time. I apply under one eye then blend out the product and then I will move on to the next eye.
  3. Next apply your undereye concearler using the same technique and set everything with a pressed powder. I used A. Girl Pro Concealer in shade Warm Honey.
  4. Now take your NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk and apply the areas of your face you would like to cover with a flower design. Fill in and blend out the jumbo pencil, with your finger, so that it won’t crease when we apply our shadow colors. I chose to cover my cheek area for a more fulfilled fairy look.
  5. Now take a stencil of a flower and position on your face where you would like the flower to go. I got my stencil design from Michael’s but I am sure you can find this at any craft store.
  6. Take the shade Urban from the Urban Decay Electric Palette and apply on the bottom portion of flowers. Stick to the outer edge of flower petal. I used my Morphe M407 brush to apply this shadow in a patting motion. You want to be sure to pat the shadow onto the skin to create a more intense look. Apply a little at a time because these shadows are very pigmented.
  7. Next take the shades Jilted, Savage, and Thrash, one at a time, and apply them next to the previous shade, working your way to the center of the flower. You want to create a gradient effect with these shadows, darkest at the cheek bone and lightest towards the under eye area.
  8. This is what your flower should look like when you are done filing it in. Don’t worry we are going to blend out the edges.
  9. Take a blending brush and blend out the edges of the petals to soften the look.
  10. I forgot to prime my eyelids, before I started using the stencil, so I am going to prime them now with Bare Escentuals 5-1 BB Cream Eyeshadow in Radiant Sand and apply Makeup Geek eyeshadow in shade Shimma Shimma under brow bone and on the lid just below the crease. Use Makeup Geek eyeshadow in Peach Smoothie to the crease to blend Shimma Shimma.
  11. Next apply you’re a black eyeliner to the top and bottom lashes and smudge the eyeliner using a pencil brush, I used the Milani eyeliner pencil. Use Morphe #28 eyeshadow to blend the eyeliner and smooth out any harsh lines.
  12. Apply NYX jumbo pencil in shade milk to the brow to help create a more vibrant base.
  13. Use the Urban Decay Electric Palette to fill in brow area. Line the bottom part of brow with Urban and blend up about half way and then apply Jilted. When applying both shades be sure to create feather like strokes above your actual brow.
  14. Apply Makeup Geek eyeshadow in Shimma Shimma in open areas of the flower petals to highlight and bring out the glitter we are going to apply next.
  15. Now here comes the fun part GLITTER!!!! Apply Eye Kandy glitter in shade Sour Grape under lower lash line using Sally Girl glitter adhesive to hold the glitter in place. Also create strokes down the cheek to create the effect that pixie dust is running down the fairies face.
  16. I wanted to apply some glitter in the brow area as well. I first applied Eye Kandy sour grape but didn’t like how it look. So I grabbed my Mica Bella Cosmetics glitter in a light purple shade and applied it to my brow area on top of the eye Kandy glitter using the Sally Girl I also applied a little bit of glitter on the apples of my cheeks with my fingers and no adhesive.
  17. I wanted to give my forehead just a little bit of color so I went ahead and contoured my forehead and sides of nose with Jilted. I highlighted my forehead with Thrash and applied just a bit of Shimma Shimma in the center of forehead, above my brow, and down the bridge of my nose.
  18. Apply mascara to the top and bottom lashes. I like using a good volume mascara like Dior DiorShow to create thickness in my lashes before I apply falsies. Then apply your falsies, I used Urban Decay lashes in Black Velvet. Line lips with NYX lipliner in Hot Pink and fill lips in with Urban Decay Super Saturated High Gloss Lip Color in shade Adrenaline
  19. I wanted to add a bit more glitter so I added Eye Kandy glitter in shade Marshmallow Sugar on the center of the forehead, between the eyebrows, and on inner tear duct of eyes with no glitter adhesive.





Be Healthy, Be Gorgeous




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