Bloody Sangria

IMG_6129Halloween is quickly approaching (I mean, it’s literally here in less than two weeks) and this year it lands on a Friday. I love seeing creative costumes, watching horror movies, and just the spookiness of it all. And since it’s on a Friday some people may decide to have a Halloween party. So for today’s #BloodySunday theme, I decided to come up with a “Bloody” Sangria recipe (really just a red wine sangria) so that you may add it to your drink menu for the night.

I love sangria. There’s something refreshing and flavorful when drinking good sangria. Most typical red sangrias are a mix of a deep, full-bodied red wine, soda water, sugar, and fruit pieces. My mix is slightly different to original recipes, substituting lemon-lime soda for soda water (which also eliminates the need to add sugar). Most recipes call for ¼ cup to ½ cup sugar, but using a natural soda, such as Whole Foods Brand 365 Lemon-lime soda, we cut the sugar to about 3 Tbsp (NOT including the orange juice or red wine), for the entire recipe.

#BeHealthy Tip:  I also used seasonal fruit, such as pears, because they are most flavorful at their peak. Pears offer many vitamins and minerals (Vitamin C and potassium) and fiber. One medium pear offers 6g of cholesterol-reducing, weight managing fiber. That’s 24% (or 20% for men) of your daily serving of fiber! They also contain flavonoids, which have been suggested to reduce risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

And always be sure to drink in moderation when consuming alcoholic beverages to be healthy and gorgeous. That’s 1 5-oz glass of wine for women and 2 5-oz glasses for men.

Bloody Sangria

Bloody Sangria
Serves 4

1 bottle Pontificus Grenache, Syrah, Mourderve blend from Trader Joes (or Merlot)
1 12-oz can 365 Lemon-lime soda
2 navel oranges, one juiced the other sliced
1 Forelle pear, cored and sliced
Frozen red grapes


  1. Place wine, orange juice, and frozen grapes in a bowl and mix. Refrigerate for 12 hours.
  2. 4 hours before serving add fruit and lemon-lime soda. Keep refrigerated.
  3. Serve with additional soda if desired and ice.


Be Healthy, Be Gorgeous


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