Sugar Skull Makeup Tutorial – Dia de los Muertos

I have always been fascinated with all the Sugar Skull designs I see around the time of Dia de los Muertos. I have never really had the chance to create a unique look of my own. Until now that is! I love the creativity and artistry that is involved in this look. I also love how each swirl, circle, line, etc does not have to be perfect or match completely. I like how imperfections make this look even more genuine and authentic. I created this look on a face chart and then recreated it on my face. Feel free to change any part of the design and make it your own.

Be Healthy, Be Gorgeous


Here a full list of the products I used in my Sugar Skull Makeup Tutorial. I included links to the products I used so you know exactly what I used; although some products I could not find links to.

  1. Office Depot non toxic glue stick
  2. MIlani black eyeliner pencil
  3. Water Activated Face Paint in white
  4. Morphe Foundation Brush
  5. Water that I put in an empty Benefit Ultra Radiance bottle
  6. Translucent Face Powder TNT Cosmetics
  7. Water Activated Face Paint in Black
  8. Morphe Brush Pink
  9. TNT Cosmetics Liner Brush
  10. Urban Decay Electric Palette Urban, Freak, Thrash, Fringe, Chaos
  11. MAC 217 Brush
  12. Morphe Black eyeshadow #28
  13. Inglot Gel Liner #87
  14. Shany Cosmetics Brush #11 from the 15PC Urban Gal Collection Brush Set
  15. Morphe Eyeliner Brush
  16. Benefit Ultra Radiance
  17. TNT Cosmetics Lip Brush
  18. Morphe Eyeshadow #72
  19. Morphe Bent Liner Brush
  20. Inglot Gel Liner #79
  21. Morphe 35B Palette
  22. Red Cherry #5 Lashes
  23. Dior Diorshow Iconic Overcurl Mascara in Over Blue
  24. Nail Polish: Dior Limited Edition : Vernis Gel Shine and Long Wear Nail Lacquer in Shade BAR

Music provided by PRODUCTIVE CULTURE I can’t thank them enough for providing such amazing music. Go check them out at
You can also follow them on Instagram and Twitter @productiveculture

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