Avocado Mango Smoothie

avocado smoothieHere is one last beverage suggestion if you’re having a Halloween Party this year. It’s a mango avocado spinach smoothie, or, to commemorate #WickedWednesday, Witch’s Brew. Now I know avocado in a smoothie might sound weird, but avocado’s texture when blended creates the perfect, creamy smoothie. Also, if you’re not a fan of the taste of avocado, the mango and orange juice help to disguise its flavor and intensify the sweet taste in this smoothie. Adding spinach to the mix will help to boost your veggie intake without sacrificing flavor.

#BeHealthy Tip: Did you know avocados are technically a fruit? Shocking, right? Avocados contain heart healthy omega-3’s, which help fight inflammation typically found in people with chronic diseases. They also contain good doses of fat-soluble vitamins E and K.   Vitamin E is an antioxidant so they help cells in your body from becoming damaged and Vitamin K helps to metabolize bone.

So go ahead and eat…er..drink your fruits and veggies with this delicious smoothie. And always…be healthy, be gorgeous.

avocado smoothie 2

Witch’s Brew (Mango Avocado Spinach Smoothie)

Serves 2


1 cup baby spinach
½ medium avocado
1 mango, peeled and diced
¼ cup orange juice
½ cup ice cubes


  1. Pour all ingredients into a blender.
  2. Blend until smooth.
  3. For a more liquid-y type smoothie add more orange juice or ice.


Be Healthy, Be Gorgeous


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