Everyday Oatmeal


Want to know a secret to prevent weight gain? Fiber. Fiber is a great way to keep you full between meals, keep your blood sugar levels steady so you don’t feel sluggish in the middle of the afternoon, and keep your digestive tract clean. It can also help lower cholesterol. Oatmeal has tons of fiber and is a great breakfast option to keep you going throughout the day.

If you’ve been down the cereal aisle, then you know there are a variety of oatmeal options. I tend to stray away from the flavored instant packets since they contain high amounts of sugar, unnecessary sodium, and artificial flavors and preservatives. Instead, you can create your own flavored oatmeal bowl using real food like fresh fruit, nuts, and spices. Below is a list of different types of oats. They mostly differ by the way they are processed which can alter their texture when cooked. Choose which type of oats you prefer and create your own concoction. If you need some help creating your own bowl, try my everyday oatmeal recipe for starters; it’s my go to breakfast most days of the week.

Types of Oats:

  1. Groats – these are oats with their hulls (outer skin) removed. Takes the longest to cook out of all oat varieties.
  2. Steel-cut Oats – these are groats that have been cut into two to three pieces with a sharp metal blade. These cook faster than groat oats because the cut oats can absorb more water. Also have a quick cook variety.
  3. Rolled Oats (regular or old fashioned) – groat oats that have been steamed and rolled into flakes. The flakes allow for increase absorption of water (due to greater surface area) which results in faster cooking times.
  4. Instant/Quick Oats – rolled oats that have been steamed and flattened longer, and cut into small pieces to shorten cooking time.

Everyday Oatmeal Recipe

Serves 1


¼ cup quick cook steel cut oats
¾ cup water
1 Tbsp nut butter (peanut, almond, cashew, etc.)
4 strawberries, sliced
½ banana, sliced
½ tsp cinnamon


  1. Combine oats, nut butter and water in microwave safe bowl. Microwave on high for 5 minutes (make sure to keep an eye on it to prevent overflowing). If desired consistency is not met, microwave an additional minute (if there is too much liquid) or add a little more water (1-2 Tbsp) and microwave an additional minute (if too dry).
  2. Mix in cinnamon.
  3. Top with bananas and strawberries.

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