28 Day Jump Start Challenge

IMG_4286What a week to start FitGirl’s #28dayjumpstartchallenge. I don’t know about the rest of the world, but here in Southern California, El Nino has finally arrived. In case you’re not familiar about El Nino, it is supposed to be one of the wettest storms of the season (I remember it well back in ’97…..soaked pants and socks, massive floods….no bueno). But nonetheless, my sis and I decided to attempt FitGirls 28 day jump start challenge (which started January 4th I might add).

My curiosity peaked when my sis tagged me in a post by FitGirl on Instagram back in September of last year. I was surprised at the many success stories and before and after pics showcased on their account and was immediately hooked at giving it a go. Being it was the holidays, I was hesitant to try a workout program but vowed to review it for the new year. Now, I’m not one to stick to New Year’s resolutions (I mean who does, really?), so instead of thinking about this program as a resolution, I’d rather think of it they way the program is called…”a challenge”. I’m very wary of trying fitness/”diet” programs because of the implications and disastrous effects they could cause. But this one seems to fit my ideologies. And, after reading through the entire book, I’ve confirmed that it follows each and every one of my ideologies.

Let’s get one thing clear though. I don’t really want to lose weight; I want to get in shape and feel healthy and gorgeous. My workout routine became nonexistent soon after I started working and my meal plan needed a tune up. Most of the key points in the 28 jump start challenge I was already doing. 8 hours sleep, check, no soda, check, 1-2 cocktails a week….um, like I said, most of the key points I was already practicing.

Their workout routine seems easy enough, 3 rounds of a circuit mixed w/cardio 6 days a week. They’re meal plan is simple too: 350 calorie breakfast, 400 calorie lunch and dinner meals w/200 calorie snacks. I knew my main focus of the plan was going to be working out and snacking (because, let’s face it….coming home after a long day of work without any snacks can lead to binging on anything and everything once you’re home). Plus I was already following their recommended breakfast and lunch meals. And, while I’m at it, I’ll post tweaks of some of their meals…because who doesn’t love variety.

See you in 28 days!

Patel Sisters

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