La Belle Patel – a blog created by two sisters with different interests but one goal – to promote a healthy and gorgeous lifestyle by emphasizing one’s beauty from the inside out.

Jaynita and Sunita are sisters who grew up in Los Angeles.  Each sister chose different career paths but have come together to encourage beautification through healthy, delicious nutrition and flawless makeup tricks.

Jaynita Patel

Jaynita obtained her Masters in Nutritional Science degree at California State University, Los Angeles  and became a Registered Dietitian in 2015.  She currently works as a clinical dietitian at a teaching hospital in Southern California.  Her interests include recipe development and modification while also practicing healthy eating techniques.  Jaynita’s primary goal is to encourage everyone to follow a healthy, happy lifestyle through food and exercise.

Sunita Patel

Sunita’s original career path was to become a teacher but realized her passion was through the artistry of makeup.  She has been a makeup artist for 6 years, attended TNT Agency, and gained invaluable knowledge and experience over the years.  Her inspiration for beauty looks are created through everyday lifestyles and trends.  Her interests include exploring diverse fashion trends and color schemes. *Fun Fact: She secretly believes she is a mermaid*

“Our aspiration in life is to inspire others.”

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